chores and gender inequality

Why your children’s chores shouldn’t be assigned based on gender

Few people (adults and children alike) enjoy household chores. But, despite feelings of reluctance, for a home to run smoothly, most of us need to perform them on a daily basis. Many people believe that chores are just tasks that need to be completed and struggle to see a purpose in these so-called ‘tedious activities’. But from a psychological point of view, it can be very beneficial for children to have chores assigned to them at home.

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child anxiety covid-19

How to help your child deal with COVID-19 anxiety

If you’re feeling the ripple effect of Covid-19-related anxiety, you’re not alone. With schools closed, sports cancelled, work routines disrupted, and almost every aspect of our lives derailed, it’s normal to feel stressed or anxious.

This stress does not just affect adults – children and teens are also at risk for anxiety, especially as their daily routines are affected.

In this post, I’ll define the feeling and effects of anxiety, explain more about why Covid-19 triggers anxiety, and then list some helpful tips on how you can help your children navigate some of the complicated emotions they may be facing in light of Covid-19 related anxiety.

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